Generating Renewable Electricity from SeaWaves 


Wave energy is the most powerful but least developed renewable energy. Waves have the potential to provide a completely sustainable source of energy, which can be captured and converted into electricity by wave energy converter (WEC) machines. The Kelp System has been developed to extract energy from the shoreline out to the deeper waters offshore. The Seaweed Energy wave energy converter (WEC) is a design based on an oscillating wave surge converter type device, that harnesses the underwater wave surge force.

Utility-scale wave energy could also balance wind and solar projects in two ways, it could provide electricity when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. Wave energy has a much higher power density than wind and solar energy.

The Kelp System Technology is easily transportable and can be scaled according to a specific site and client requirements, making it suitable for both small and large-scale applications. Its design comprises a minimal number of components, ensuring high survivability in marine environments, and facilitating straightforward maintenance procedures.

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Earth is covered by 70% water, making sea waves an immense source of renewable energy globally. This is still largely untapped, and thus do contact us to know how we could work together to harness this energy for future NetZero target and achieving your Sustainability agenda.

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